The Folly of Understanding

Is it possible to understand God? If I could, would it even be desirable?

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Tikas Funny Foot

Tika keeps on injuring her foot, we keep praying for her, and she keeps on being healed!

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Thoughts On Glory

To receive glory is Gods highest purpose, yet what if the glory of God is actually revealed more through the simple act of the pursuit of relationship with God and man than mere praise and adoration?

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Tongues, what the heck?

Tongues has been a point of contention for the much of the history of the church, in fact many churches have even split over issues such as speaking in tongues. But why? Is tongues really such a controversial topic? How can tongues be dangerous? How can tongues be useful in building the church / individual […]

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Calling All Angels

God brought to light a revelation this afternoon as I drove. A song came on talking about angels protecting us and that angels need to be called to watch over us, half way through it I switched the song because I noticed it didn’t talk about Jesus at all but merely angels. This got me […]

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Lema Sabachthani

‘Eloi, eloi, lema sabachthani?’ Which means ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?’, this is what Jesus cried while nailed to the cross right before he died with the weight of the worlds sins past present and future on his shoulders. This is the only time when this phrase could have been uttered […]

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