Healing is Impossible, No Distinctions

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with a man who had only minutes prior fallen off his bike doing a “sick flip”. He had hit his head and I asked if I could pray for his head, he obliged. I laid my hands on his head a couple times, and after the second time, I asked how it was feeling. “Doesn’t hurt at all”, he replied. Then, he proceeded to tell me about how he had just overdosed for the 26th time last night from fentanyl, and he opened up a bit about his addiction. So I asked then if I could pray for his addiction to be taken away. I was newly shocked by his response, “Yeah, but that addiction isn’t going to go away immediately, that will take a long time”.

It hadn’t ever dawned on me as it did in that moment, the realization of the ridiculousness of that statement. Had not his head injury only moments earlier been healed instantaneously? That his pain was healed immediately is impossible, it simply cannot realistically happen, but it did. So then, what makes one impossibility a greater challenge than another? Both his addiction and his pain being removed are impossible. Both are equally unrealistic to pray for. So, also, shouldn’t both be equally pursued with confidence? For the One who removed the pain can surely remove the addiction, He makes no distinction. In the end, I was able to pray for him and he told me that he felt clarity in his mind again where he had only had fogginess moments earlier because of the drugs.

Yet, is not all of Christianity impossible? Virgin birth, God become a man, dying on the cross to remove our sin, rising from the dead on the third day and ascending to heaven, all things which are fully impossible, but we gladly embrace and accept them as true as Christians. So, then, why is the impossible called unrealistic in our day? Because it involves a risk for us.

For if you would like to disprove the reality of healing through the Holy Spirit, it is easy, simply do nothing. But, to demonstrate the impossible requires risk.

So also it is with our distinctions of healing. As long as we treat different illnesses, mental and physical, differently in regards to healing, then the differences perpetuate and we are stuck with the long slog through difficulty with all things mental. But, I would propose that healing is altogether impossible, physical and psychological, therefore we should go joyfully and confidently into both situations knowing we are approaching equally impossible tasks with the impossible God who impossibly lives in us. Impossible!

This, I think, has far reaching consequences, even for myself. This is just the beginning of something, an unveiling, that I wish to see unveiled even in my own life so that I do not condemn myself to a lifetime of struggle with dead thoughts but know that the same power that heals a man physically can also heal myself and others mentally.


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