Return From Year 1

So, I have just today returned home to Calgary after completing the first year at the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM) and quite honestly, I am finding it a difficult return.

BSSM was truly incredible and filled with incredible people, yet it seems that I was just finding my stride (not strive lol), just getting my bearings after a very humbling year, and then it is finished. Too soon it seems. Though I am confident that all I have learned there will carry on to wherever I am physically, I am sort of grieving leaving. In all honesty, I miss my new friends. I want nothing more than to hug them one more time and tell them I love them and appreciate them. Even writing that out brings tears to my eyes in remembering them and knowing that some I will not see until September when I return, and some I may never see again. I truly wish that it did not have to come to an end, yet here I am in another country, miles away, with plans for my summer that bear me evidence that indeed it has ended and I am saddened by that fact.

I can admit it, today I am sad with the remembrance of happy times at BSSM. I am forever changed by being there and I’ll never be the same again.


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